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Comprehensive Home Energy Audit

A "whole house" energy audit is the first step on the path to a more comfortable, more energy efficient, healthier & more durable home. It is also a required first step to receiving the Focus on Energy incentives.
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The Best Contractor for the Work

We work with a trusted network of contractors to insure the best local specialists for the job as a one stop shop to cover all aspects of your project.
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Get the Maximum Financial Incentives

Take advantage of the incentives though Focus on Energy and financing options that may be available to you.
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Test the Quality of the Work

Follow-up testing to ensure that home performance upgrades have achieved energy-savings goals.
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Madison's Most
Trusted Energy Pro

Accredited Home Performance Testing President Scott Sailor is one of Wisconsin's leading building performance experts, having helped homeowners all across south central Wisconsin make their homes more comfortable, healthier, safer, more durable, and more affordable to operate through science-based energy efficiency upgrades.

Comfort, Health, Safety, Durability & Efficiency

We can help you save money on heating and cooling bills, but the benefits don't stop there. Our home performance recommendations are custom-tailored to your home and designed to improve comfort, durability, indoor air quality and energy efficiency.

Start at Home

Inefficient, leaky homes are at the root of a wide range of problems, ranging from health and safety to high energy bills to decreased property value. Call us today to learn how improving your home's performance will help your family while helping the planet.