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About Us

Accredited Home Performance Testing performs independent building performance analysis and testing of homes in south central Wisconsin. Our specialty is helping homeowners and businesses fix building performance issues including, but not limited to: ice dams, high utility bills, moisture related problems including mold and mildew, indoor air quality issues and uncomfortable or drafty rooms.

We hold accreditations from the country’s leading building performance organizations including BPI and Focus on Energy using the “whole house” approach to building performance improvements. Essentially, this means that we address the root of the problem and offer unbiased advice based on the best solutions for your home.

We also offer services such as air sealing and insulation for your home, bathroom and kitchen fan installation and most improvements that may be needed as part of the whole house approach to building efficiency. 

If you are a Wisconsin homeowner interested in lowering your energy bills and improving your home’s comfort, or a builder or contractor interested in offering your customers the latest in energy efficient and green building, Accredited Home Performance Testing is here to help.

About the Owner:

Scott Sailor of Accredited Home PerformanceAccredited Home Performance Testing owner Scott Sailor is a veteran building expert and one of the Madison, Wisconsin region’s leading building performance experts. Having worked in the residential building inspection and building science testing industry since 1998, Scott has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that he continues to add to each day,  which serves as a solid foundation on which to help homeowners and business owners understand their buildings and how to improve them. Throughout the years Scott has worked as a building inspector, a state-licensed lead risk assessor, and a Wisconsin Green Built Home Verifier. He has been a participating consultant  in the Wisconsin Focus On Energy program since 2003 participating in both the Wisconsin New Homes Program (formerly known as Wisconsin Energy Star Homes) as a RESNET-certified HERS Rater and in the Home Performance with Energy Star program as a BPI certified Building analyst. He has participated in past local municipal and utility sponsored energy efficiency programs throughout south central Wisconsin as well.

When he’s not helping homeowners and builders improve the energy efficiency, comfort, health and safety of new and existing buildings, Scott enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Wisconsin with friends and family - whether on foot, on snowmobile or on his prized Harley.

Why Choose Accredited Home Performance Testing?

At Accredited Home Performance Testing, we go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy, and that their homes are healthier, safer, more energy efficient and more comfortable once we’re done with our work. Other reasons to choose Accredited Home Performance Testing include:

  • We only recommend installation contractors with whom we have worked closely in the past, and who have proven to exhibit exemplary customer service and quality work to insure your project is done right.
  • The best interests of our customers are our first priority, and we will not recommend products or services based on anything else.
  • We return customer inquiries as promptly as possible.
  • We hold certifications from Focus on Energy (Rater) The Department of Energy (Home Energy Score Assessor) and BPI (Building Analyst) - Three of the top building performance accreditation organizations in the U.S.