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Maelanie K., Monona, WI
We used Scott Sailor for a home energy audit on our 90+ year-old home.  We initiated services a year ago, and his follow up, which was part of the service package, was about a month ago.  At both visits, he used infrared imaging, and negative pressure devices, along with a thorough visual inspection in order to give a precise sort of feedback on where areas of our home had leaks or weren't as tight as they needed to be.  He did an actual airflow and performance test on our bathroom fans as well as our heating and water-heating units.  A very thorough (8+ page) written report was given, outlining… (read more)
Arthur DeSmet
I was able to use the Green Madison program to pay for 75% of the cost of the audit.  Even at the full cost it would have been worth the cost.  Scott was very knowledgeable, answered questions in a way that was easy to understand and provided his final detailed report within 24 hours.  He identified several framing problems that caused major areas of air infiltration and yet were easily repaired.  He also identified a number of items that I could handle myself.
Maxine A.
Scott Sailor was punctual, friendly, gave lots of information and answered all our questions.
Barbara O., De Forest
Scott Sailor performed a residential performance evaluation including initial assessment and follow up after identified issues were addressed.  After the initial assessment for energy efficiency, home comfort, safety, and durability, he provided a detailed report including results and recommended actions. I wanted an assessment of my home to determine how to improve energy efficiency with recommendations regarding priority of any work identified.  The 10 page report exceeded my expectations in that it provided detailed information of the pros and cons of methods to deal with ventilation and moisture issues. Work performed: Assessment of air leakage using a blower door device. Combustion safety test for… (read more)
Sue & Steve H.
Thank you for your passion to help us see the alternatives we have to make our house as energy efficient as we choose.  Without your insights, we would not have been able to make the choices we did.  Also, thank you for helping us work with Christensen Construction to attain the energy efficiency we had in mind when we contracted with them.
Linda O.
We wish to offer our thanks for your assistance with Duane M's bath fan venting issues.  Our company is committed to doing the best for our clients and we truly appreciated your input in making those fans work as best as possible. After as many years as our carpenters have been around, it is still amazing that there is much more to learn.  As such, we were happy that you & Duane were agreeable to let us use this situation as a learning tool. We know that returning to Duane's home meant more work for you and again thank you for helping us to continue our quest… (read more)
Marilyn & John E.
Our Wisconsin Focus on Energy check just arrived in the mail.  It was a real pleasure to have worked with you on getting our house more energy efficient over the last few years.  I was impressed with your thoroughness and many helpful suggestions.  Your follow up visit was very informative, too.  Of course, with the present financial situation we are very glad for all the work we had done.