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Attentive to detail

Maelanie K., Monona, WI

We used Scott Sailor for a home energy audit on our 90+ year-old home.  We initiated services a year ago, and his follow up, which was part of the service package, was about a month ago.  At both visits, he used infrared imaging, and negative pressure devices, along with a thorough visual inspection in order to give a precise sort of feedback on where areas of our home had leaks or weren't as tight as they needed to be.  He did an actual airflow and performance test on our bathroom fans as well as our heating and water-heating units.  A very thorough (8+ page) written report was given, outlining the specific ways in which we could improve our home's energy efficiency.  Many items were written in a way that made it so that I was able to accomplish them myself; for those which required professionals (e.g.. insulation), he provided info and further reference to those professionals at their request.

Scott was able to make recommendations for home energy improvements and insulation improvements that would, in the end, be able to be recorded for the sake of getting money back.  He was able to make insulation recommendations and recommendations on ways to increase the energy efficiency in our home.  He was attentive to detail.  We didn't do a lot of bidding for the price.  We have recommended him to work colleagues.