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Personal & took time to answer my questions

Barbara O., De Forest

Scott Sailor performed a residential performance evaluation including initial assessment and follow up after identified issues were addressed.  After the initial assessment for energy efficiency, home comfort, safety, and durability, he provided a detailed report including results and recommended actions.

I wanted an assessment of my home to determine how to improve energy efficiency with recommendations regarding priority of any work identified.  The 10 page report exceeded my expectations in that it provided detailed information of the pros and cons of methods to deal with ventilation and moisture issues.

Work performed:

  1. Assessment of air leakage using a blower door device.
  2. Combustion safety test for carbon monoxide.  

Scott identified the following issues:

  1. A priority safety issue with an old water heater that was not vented properly.
  2. Inefficient bathroom fans not vented to the outside.
  3. Some air leakage problems due to lack of insulation around the external windows and doors, as well as can light fixtures, lack of basement sill box insulation, single pane basement windows, and a warped service door to the garage.

His report included recommended providers for accomplishing the work, which was helpful.

Scott was personable and took a lot of time to answer my questions and provide valuable information.  He was also available for follow up questions and worked with my selected provider to clarify his recommendations.

After the work was completed, he returned to do a follow up inspection.  Again, he took his time to carefully explain and answer my questions.